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Tips to Maintain Liver Health!

Health is expensive. Why so? When you are sick, are you able to carry out your daily activities optimally? 

Health is one of the most important things in human life. A healthy lifestyle needs to be applied so that the body’s immune system is strong and you are able to do everything normally. But in the eyes of some people, health has not become an important thing for them. When a person is not aware of existing diseases and does not maintain a healthy lifestyle, must be watchful of the emergence of diseases that might harm the body’s organs.

The liver is a vital organ that should be protected. Although sometimes often forgotten, the liver is the largest solid organ in the body. Keeping the liver in top condition is important. If the liver is disturbed, one of the symptoms felt is feeling pain. Before knowing how to maintain their health, you certainly have to know how important the work of this one organ is for the body. The liver has more than 100 functions in regulating body balance. The liver’s ability to multitask makes this organ of the busiest organs in the body besides the brain, heart, and kidneys. Looking for the best liver doctor in Malaysia.

It must have crossed your mind, what is the function of the liver?

1. Body traffic controller

Food substances that enter the body and have been digested by the small intestine will move to the liver. The liver has the ability to produce, store, and circulate sugar (glucose) to all parts of the body. In the liver, glucose is stored as glycogen. Liver glycogen is only released as it is used in the tissues. The liver will monitor cholesterol levels in the blood, process it, and produce as much as needed.

2. Vitamin and immune processing

The liver has the function of processing vitamins, especially vitamin D. The process of making vitamin D is carried out by the liver together with the kidneys which serve as the central immune system to avoid attacks by viruses, bacteria and other damage that comes from the external body.

3. As a blood filter that is useful for removing harmful substances and toxins.

See? very important right? the roles of the heart in our body. 

Then how do we keep our hearts working optimally and healthy and prevent the liver from disturbances and diseases? Here are the steps:

1. Make sure you have been vaccinated.

Hepatitis is one type of inflammation of the liver, this can be prevented by giving a vaccine called the hepatitis B vaccine. Usually, this vaccine is given since the baby is born and carried out in several stages as well as hepatitis A vaccine.

2. Drink lots of water.

Water has many good benefits for the body. This can help remove toxins and promote the absorption of essential nutrients. Drinking the required amount of water can also help eliminate side effects during treatment or therapy. If you already have cirrhosis or a constricted liver, you are recommended to reduce drinking water so that your body does not contain too many fluids.

3. Eat nutritiously.

Regulating healthy eating in the right amount and type can help the liver regulate metabolism properly and help ease the liver’s work.

4. Avoid drinking liquor and be careful in taking drugs

Alcohol can cause cirrhosis or liver shrinkage, leading to liver cancer. You also have to be careful in taking drugs or supplements because they can damage the work of the liver. Again, make sure you have consulted with your doctor before consuming it.