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What Happens if Physics Does Not Exist?

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Physics is one of the hardest science stream subjects in school. Other than Chemistry and Biology, Physics holds its special value. If there is no physics, we can’t even imagine what the world would look like. This is why you should study physics course in Malaysia in order to find out its importance. You might think that learning physics is just important for those who are in the related field. It is not true actually. Even we who are not related to the field need to at least know the basic understanding of physics so that we can appreciate life more. This is why you should learn about the aftermath if there is no physics in this world. 

No Physics No Life

“No physics no life”. This is an expression used to describe that we live in a world where we need to know the knowledge and what is going on around us. The world we live in is a physical world, hence why the need to study our surroundings. Physical phenomenons often happen and they are all related to physics. Let’s say that you dropped something. The reason why it is going down is because of gravity. Gravity would cause something that is falling and falling even faster due to the velocity. If there is no gravity attraction, we might be floating somewhere without control.

Common Physics Theories

study physics course in Malaysia

You probably have heard of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. It is considered one of the theories in modern physics. We have more than just modern physics. We have Boyle’s Law, which is a part of the thermodynamic field. While there are other interesting fields such as mathematical physics and astrophysics, the Theory of Relativity remains the most popular. This theory might have been included in the basic science syllabus as it holds an important role in our surroundings. 

A World Without Physics

You really eager to know what life would be without physics huh? You wouldn’t bear to imagine the outcomes without the existence of physics. There are many reasons why physics existed and God knows well what would happen if there is no physics. These are among the reasons why physics existed:

Building Construction 

Skyscrapers and building construction involve physics, obviously. Many physics theories and principles are used in order to build a safe and steady building. Architects and building constructors use the theories to make sure that the building is steady by making sure that the structure is still. Other than that, they need to ensure from many other aspects such as the gravity focus point.

Physics in Providing Energy

study physics course in Malaysia

The electricity you currently using is one of the contributions of physics concepts. Basically, these concepts are used to enhance energy and supply them with electricity. In fact, electricity is not the only energy that can be contributed from physics theories and concepts, but the cooking gas we use at home is also one of them. Nuclear power plants and others are also operated by physics concepts. 
It is time to appreciate the existence of physics. We might have overlooked the importance before, but this post might be an eye-opening situation for us.