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What should be Done Manually even in this Time and Age in Your Business

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If you are an observant person, you must have already noticed how time changes almost everything on this earth. You can easily see that people nowadays are almost completely influenced by technology and it is actually a good thing, especially for businesses. 

Yes, technology is the ally of most business owners these days and there are so many online tools that can comprehensively assist them like the pos system Malaysia. This tool is jam packed with features that are addressing most of the relevant business processes in almost all types of businesses today. 

But, do you know that there are still things a small business should document on paper? Yes, and if you are planning to start one, you might want to check this out:

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  • Passwords are the first item. This is a very important item and for sure, everyone can relate to this. It is just great that there are now ways to ensure your passwords will not be easily hacked. However, because of the complication of your own passwords, you might end up forgetting them. This is why it is best to write them on paper and keep them safe somewhere. This way you will always know what they are. 
  • Contracts are next. While contracts can now be done online as well, it is best to stay in the conventional way for this. Contracts are quite important and it will be best if you keep the original hard copy safe. This way your ownerships and deals will be protected. 
  • You also need to have hard copies of your licenses and permits. While it is okay to save them online, it is also good if you keep the hard copies somewhere safe. This way if your online storage is compromised, you still have another option and your permits and licenses are still safe. After all, it will be quite complicated and time-consuming to ask for another copy just because you lost yours. 
  • You should also keep hard copies of your financial documents. Even if you are into online banking, where almost every detail of your transactions is documented, hard copies of these types of documents are still highly recommended. 
  • Tax records are quite important documents and if you are running a business, you should have them ready for the IRS people. Note that there will be times when they make some visits without warning and you don’t want your business to be compromised just because you lost your copies of your paid taxes. As a matter of fact, it would be better if you keep the records of your taxes for the last 7 years. 
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Yes, technology is a big help for business processes and cloud storage is also an amazing thing. But then again, it cannot hurt to be careful and also keep hard copies intact somewhere safe. This way you have extra protections for your most important documents. You never know what will happen.